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Company's quality policy: "Quality is the lifeblood", "Customer’s satisfaction is our honor".The quality policy will be never changed. 
"Full participation, quality management, customer orientation," Quality control is the key point in the PCB manufacturing process. From engineering, we introduce the concept of quality. Known to produce qualified PCB requires numerous processes, and defective PCB may occur in any process. Therefore, our quality control throughout the company's overall operation of the process, from the selection of suppliers, raw material procurement, incoming quality control/IQC, in-process quality control/IPQC to finish product quality audit.

Quality Control Strategic Plan: Quality Steering Group formed;TQM Planning & Concept & creation & implementation;quality control review;execution and review the project group's recommendations; TQM communication throughout the organization;controlling new process starts; managers involved in the TQM audits.

Employee Engagement: Employee basic training;TQM team training; technology training and use; implementation of new technology training; staff to continue improving training.

Quality Manual: Universal Quality Manual; all manufacturing and related department are controlled by quality manual.

Job Specification: Work Norms established; quality norms established; quality and work norms all controlled.

SPC Control: whole process of corporate enabled SPC control.

Vendor Selection//Control: Supplier rating process; monthly analysis procedures; analysis for the critical problems; supplier month performance data analysis.
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