H-Acid Monosodium Salt

MF: C10H8O7NS2Na
MW: 341.3(Based on International Mol.Wt.1979)
Standard: GB/T 1648-84
Index name
gray to light gray
gray to light gray
Content of H-Acid Monosodium Salt,%
Alkali insoluble matter,%
Chromotropic acid disodium slat,%
T-acid disodium salt,%
Notes: Outer color for cream can be darkened when stored.
Chemical name: 1-naphthylamine-8-hydroxyl-3.6-disulfonic acid monosodium salt.
Physical and chemical properties:
The diluted H-Acid Monosodium Salt is with blue-red fluorescence.It creates yellow crystal diazo compound when reacting with nitrous acid,and assumes brown red color when reacting with ferric chloride,It is soluable in sodium carbonate solution and in red purple color;and it is dark green in salt solution;It is faintly soluble in hot water,with its solubility being 0.16% at 20°C,and 4.2% at 60°C.it's not soluable in either alcohol or ether.H-Acid Monosodium Salt is of two forms,ie.cream and powder.Both forms are in gray white color.To be protected against insolution and prevented from frostbite.
Main Application:
H-Acid Monosodium Salt is mainly used in the production of acid dye,direct dye and reactive dye,such as acid sky blue,direct black and active red K-2BP,amounting to over 90 varieties.The dyestuff is used in the dyeing of woolen and cotton textiles and tannery.It can also be used in pharmaceuticals.
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